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     The Mossman Range

            Traditional manual flea circuses

Our mechanical (no electrics) Flea Circuses come ready to show and are  complete with "fleas"!

Specially set up for part time performers who require a high quality show with ease of use. All housed in a smart British trunk, our size range is....

Small, 20" wide x 13" deep x 11" high.

£1400 + shipping

Large, 24" wide x 17" deep x 11" high.
£1500 + shipping

(see bottom of page for shipping rates)

Mossman Circuses contain the following acts... 

Flea house with light and opening door

Circus ring with chariot pull and flea march

Twin swing trapeze

High wire with climbing ropes

High dive with climbing rope and pool splash

football kick

Our unique flea rolling a barrel up a hill!

A seesaw and swing

Our unique flea raising a match

Firing cannon and dropping target

Balloon Pop

Some comments about our circuses

"I have seen these props and they are

beautifully made!" (the late and great), 'Paul Daniels

“I've had a few circuses and this is the best I have owned”

“The acts are a dream!”

"I didn't know real craftsmanship was still around!"

"The Rolls Royce of Flea Circuses!"

        (A Mossman circus control panel)
Shipping rates
(Please note. Shipping rates can vary due to location, please ask for an exact price)
Shipping is via UPS, fees include the cost of a custom made wooden shipping crate and enhanced insurance to protect your new Flea Circus.

Small Mossman, UK £95. Europe £110 to £150. USA £195 to £230.
Large Mossman, UK £110. Europe £195 to £230. USA £225 to £260.

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