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                   Flea Circus Sales


A few testimonials......


"The flea circus arrived in excellent shape. It is an exquisite work of art. The box, the workmanship, the size--all just beautiful. I am more than pleased with the purchase.  I want to thank you for all that you did to expedite this project.  Well worth the wait!"


 "These really are the Rolls Royce of Circuses!"


“Initial impression is awesome! Beautiful craftsmanship, like things from the "days of yore" “These are works of real art!”

"HOLY COW, this Flea Circus is Out Of This World Stunning! I'm tellin' ya' the pictures do not nearly do it justice! This is one of the most astounding props I have seen in a long, long while! The fine detail, craftsmanship and luxury appointments are a long-lost art in today's instant world! It is great to see fine workmanship and pride in ones work is still alive in the world today! Thank you for restoring my faith in quality and the art of human endeavor!"


"I received my Flea Circus and am just delighted. It is awesome, beautiful, clever, fun, superbly made, and something I will treasure.
Thanks for such a wonderful job.
The care, thought, and craftsmanship that went into this is remarkable.
You obviously truly care about your customers. I am a happy person and appreciate all of the thought and effort that went into creating this true piece of art!"


"I'm really pleased with the whole theme of it.  Seeing it in the photos is no substitute for how it looks in the flesh!  I can see that I'm going to have a lot of fun with it."


Svensons Flea Circuses

More than just a prop, a whole new career!


For more information and delivery times please email Eric at... 

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