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The best flea circus in the world! 

The Ringmaster!
The Ringmaster is the ultimate remote controlled Flea Circus!
Audience members can walk around the entire circus for inspection
whether its set up, lid closed, or during a show. Theres nothing to 
give away the secrets of your Svensons Ringmaster!

All the traditional acts you'd expect in a flea circus and a lot more. Theres no programming and you can be set up anywhere in about a minute!

The Ringmaster will do up to 100 shows from one full recharge! so you could do 7 shows a day (15 to 30 mins per show, its up to you) at a 7 or 10 day booking with no power supply!
And it recharges in about 2 hours!
The Ringmaster is controlled via a very small remote control that easily fits in any pocket, it has a range of well over thirty feet!

The Ringmaster is the choice of the true professional!

Now you really can be the Ringmaster of the Circus!

Click Facebook link below for a short act demo....................


Acts Include
Circus Ring with Chariot Pull and Flea March
High Wire with Climbing Ropes
High Dive with Splashing Pool
Twin Swing Trapeze
Football Kick
Firing Cannon and Falling Target
Raising Matchstick
Balloon Pop

(Includes a built in battery charge indicator, full instructions, show tips and show format)
Ringmaster dimensions 24" x 17" x 11" high

The Junior!

All the great acts of the RC Ringmaster but smaller!
Junior dimensions 20" x 13" x 11" high

Small Junior RC circus
+ Shipping

Large Ringmaster RC circus

2195 + Shipping

Click Facebook link below for a set up and fold away demo....(and dont forget to like our Svensons Facebook page while you're there!)


(All circuses are available in a choice of trunks, colour schemes and backdrops)

Shipping Rates
(Please note shipping rates can vary depending on location, please ask for an exact price)
All shipping is via UPS (the best), shipping prices include the cost of a custom made wooden shipping crate and full value insurance to protect your investment. its not cheap but it gets there undamaged.

Ringmaster, UK 195. Europe 295 to 325. USA 275 to 355.
Junior, UK 185. Europe 195 to 255. USA 225 to 275.
(Or collection in person is welcome)

I have used the Ringmaster prototype for fifteen years and in that time it has done well over 3000 shows! A recent inspection showed no wear on any working parts and everything still works exactly as it did when new!
We have made over 100 Ringmasters for entertainers all over the world and their reliability record is 100%! 
That's why Svensons are happy to give you a full years warrantee.

Svensons really are the best you can get!
(Often copied, but never bettered!!)
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